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This has been an amazing programme to participate in. I have been given the skills for various relaxation techniques and can now incorporate them in my daily life. The benefits to me are that I feel more motivated and energised, my insomnia has improved, I have fewer headaches, and am finding the relaxation techniques help with back and neck pain so lessening my pain medication. I have been privileged to join the other participants, a lovely group who are supportive of each other; and to Caroline my grateful thanks for the caring guidance you have given us and the positive steps to facilitate the journey to healthy lifestyle change.

Mary, Secretary, Dunedin

I believe you can't delegate your own health and we must accept responsibility for our own wellbeing. Caroline's programme is extremely well structured, and even after the first week the benefits are evident. I'd had a constant sore neck, and after one week this was gone.

The course explores why we react the way we do, and learning practical techniques to deeply relax, improving sleep, boosting the immune system, and enjoying healthy lifestyle habits. It's a whole tool kit. There are so many self-help books that we read and forget, but the programme and practice in the form of homework becomes habit forming. This method works, and long after you have finished the programme participants are still using the skills learned and maintaining good health and wellbeing. The group is small and everyone finds different techniques to suit them. It's exciting to share feedback and also many laughs with the other participants.
It requires commitment to attend and do the homework, but the extra energy gained means an increase in personal productivity. I would highly recommend it to other busy women, and as an employer I would recommend it to staff and other employers. I would also encourage employers assisting staff to attend the programme. It's a win-win situation with less sick leave and a more energised workforce.

Karyn Close, Chief Executive, Gallaway Cook Allan, Lawyers.

Since recently completing the Mind-Body Wellbeing programme I find myself to be calmer, more relaxed and accepting of myself as I am. The programme has given me a very full 'tool box' of different skills I can call upon at any time and, with practice and commitment, I will develop these skills further. Last year I spent a substantial amount of money visiting a Clinical Psychologist, as I was struggling to adjust to some life changes and experiences. In comparison, I found this programme more worthwhile in that it provided practical skills and direction about how to change thinking for the better. It wasn't all talk. The programme is well supported by research and Caroline facilitates the sessions well by being approachable, gentle and knowledgeable. I recommend this programme whole-heartedly! THANK YOU!

R.S., Research Nurse, Dunedin

This course has been very valuable to me. There's nothing 'airy-fairy' about it. It offers a range of credible options from which you can choose, to manage the pressures and improve the sense of wellbeing in your life. Of particular importance to me as a scientist is the research-based focus for the options offered.

A.C., Senior Otago University Academic

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