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"The Programme has given me a new lease on my life. My self-esteem has grown and I have learned to value myself as I am. The skills I have learned are now daily routines. I actually want to exercise and have done pilates since I started the programme. The focus away from the 'd' word ('diet') has been like a revelation. I actually enjoy my food again - it's no longer my enemy or something that I constantly battle with. One of the most wonderful aspects of the programme for me, is the support from not only the facilitator but each of the amazing participants. The fellowship has been unbelievable. Caroline is amazing - as a facilitator she has provided an amazing network of support and information - at a level that each of us can understand. So 'thank you' seems not enough for someone who has truly changed my life for the better. It should be a big THANK YOU"

Donna D, Office Administrator, Dunedin

"Since taking part in the programme, I am fitter, healthier and happier. I walk most mornings, and I've recently completed a 15.5km walk in the Papatowai Challenge, something I would never have attempted, let alone finished, before I started the programme. I must admit that the programme does take quite a lot of time and commitment, and I know I would see even more improvements if I committed more time to it. The facilitator is excellent, non-judgemental and caring. The participants are all different - different shapes, ages, backgrounds and motivations, but we all respect and support eachother. I look forward to each session. I eat reasonably sensibly, but I certainly don't feel guilty about what I eat anymore. I'm enjoying life more than I was previously."

Stella, Small business owner, Dunedin

"This is a wonderful programme. Caroline has gently guided us, introducing many tools for us to use. Gradually I am gaining confidence, feeling good, no longer needing to 'diet' or 'weigh in'.

Joy, Dunedin.

"As one form of independent programme evaluation in 2005, I gathered feedback from discussions with groups of women who'd recently completed a 10-week (Freedom from Dieting) programme with Dr Caroline Horwath. I felt very privileged to be a part of this process, hearing of the women's successes, increased motivation and zest for life. The programme offers many unique positive qualities, and each participant reported an enhanced sense of self-esteem and self-worth, a deeper self-understanding, feeling stronger within herself and more assertive. Women also reported many very real physical benefits such as sleeping better, lowered blood pressure, less headaches, and improved general wellbeing; as well as enhanced motivation in all areas of life. Caroline was highly regarded by all. Her caring, sensitive, empathic manner created an extremely supportive environment that allowed everyone to feel valued, safe and part of the group. Participants experienced the programme as being well researched and constructed, at all times allowing for freedom of choice and autonomy. Caroline presented all the material in a manner that was easily understood, skillfully guiding each participant through the empowering process."

Debbie Walsh
Child & Family Therapist, Dunedin, 2005

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