"Caroline's mindfulness training has been immensely valuable to my professional development. It helped give me the confidence and skills to take on a challenging leadership role, and as a scientist I particularly valued the evidence-based approach."

I’m sure I wouldn’t be coping with my crazy work life if it hadn’t been for your course."  

“I’m calmer, more relaxed and accepting of myself as I am. I recommend this training whole-heartedly!”.

“Caroline’s Mindfulness training fundamentally changed the way I understand myself, offering me a way to be kinder, happier, and more focused at work. I highly recommended the mindfulness approach to reduce stress and improve quality of life.”  

“The mindfulness course offered me the space to contemplate how I approach the stresses and pleasures of daily life, as well as a set of tools that I now use now to help offset my sometimes reactive and self-defeating responses to stressful and demanding situations.”

“The practical strategies are easy to follow, simple and quick.”

“I have really appreciated doing this.  I really liked how the essential practices were distilled for us to take away and keep using.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

"I really enjoyed the sessions…the mindfulness practices have been fantastic, and I have been applying these in my daily life"

“The training has supported me in remaining calm, but with increased alertness and focus, increasing my workplace effectiveness”.

“It was an excellent programme – well structured and well facilitated, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.  I have already found it to be very beneficial and am continuing to build on ways to implement elements from the programme in my day-to-day life.”

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