Dr Caroline Horwath BSc (Hons), Postgrad Dip Nutr Dietetics, PhD

Dr Horwath (PhD, Department of Community Medicine, University of Adelaide, 1987) has over 25 years research experience in nutrition, ageing and healthy lifestyle change. She combines a holistic mind-body approach with a rigorous scientific background in facilitating healthy lifestyle change.

Caroline has 10 years experience teaching mindfulness-based wellbeing and stress reduction courses and workshops for both the general public and organizations. Her experience with a range of mind-body approaches to health promotion enables her to integrate the science and art of enhancing wellbeing.

Caroline is the author of ten book chapters and over 60 articles in peer-reviewed international journals on nutrition, ageing, non-dieting approaches to weight issues, and health behaviour change.

Dr Horwath is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition at Otago University.


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