Participants in programmes led by Dr Caroline Horwath (PhD Dept of Community Medicine, University of Adelaide, 1987) have experienced statistically significant reductions in

  • Medical symptoms (on average, 60% reductions over a 10-week programme; for example reductions in tiredness, insomnia, headaches, pain)
  • Anxiety, depression, stress. (on average 70% reductions in psychological distress over a 10-week programme),

and statistically significant and sustained improvements in

  • Lifestyle habits (nutrition & physical activity)
  • Stress management behaviours
  • Self-esteem
  • Empowerment (a greater sense of control over one's health & one's life)
  • Happiness

Improvements have been achieved at the completion of a 10-week programme.

For those outcomes studied at 2 years, benefits have also been found to be maintained 2 years after the 10-week programme.


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