Caroline tailors mindfulness-based wellbeing lectures, workshops and programmes to the specific requirements of organisations, groups and individuals.

Available options include:

Mindfulness-based Wellbeing and Stress Reduction (half or full-day workshops or multi-session programmes to suit your requirements).

Women's Wellness (workshops or programme) - To view/print brochure click here.

Freedom from Dieting (workshops or programme) - View/print brochure click here.

All programmes include a CD designed to help participants practice the new skills at home. Use of a personal CD player or iPod is required so as to practice uninterruped on a daily basis with the CD.

All programmes are grounded in scientific research on mindfulness, wellbeing and behaviour change. Participants gain skills to practice mindfulness, produce the 'relaxation response' (the opposite of the body's 'stress response'), and develop healthier lifestyle patterns and coping skills. They learn more effective ways of handling negative thoughts and uncomfortable emotions, and developing self-compassion.

Individual Mindfulness Coaching:

If you prefer the option of individual coaching, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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