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Mind-body Wellbeing

for Lifelong Health & Vitality

A Group Programme for Women.


To empower you to enhance all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

To enable you to develop skills that can be used to improve your health & vitality far beyond completion of the 10-week programme.

Programme Benefits:
  • enhanced physical health
  • reduced medical symptoms & thus a valuable complementary treatment for any chronic symptom or illness
  • enhanced psychological wellbeing (eg reduced depression, increased happiness)
  • enables you to make healthy lifestyle changes which promote lifelong health and vitality
  • enhanced self-esteem
  • skills to produce deep relaxation
  • a greater sense of control over your health & your life
  • improved sleep, reduced headaches
  • new skills to enable you to optimize your health
  • cover optimal nutrition & physical activity for lifelong health
  • debunks myths about ageing
  • enhanced ability to cope with stress
  • reduced stress-related symptoms
  • group support
  • long-term sustained improvements
  • sessions are fun & enjoyable

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